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Get the most out of high-performance content

Remember those articles or pages that captured the most natural keywords or attracted the most organic traffic, CTR and impressions? Consider resetting this content into smaller digestible formats and media, such as infographics with dedicated landing pages, short videos, or other visual content.

Here's the key: You can optimize these smaller redesigned pieces to target long tail changes to the core keywords that high-performance content has captured. This is a sneaky way to create a content cluster that targets and ranks with a wider range of relevant keywords, and ideally captures more organic traffic.

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publish blog content to media or LinkedIn

Some customers have seen SEO success by taking existing blog content and copying and pasting some or all of it into posts on Medium or LinkedIn. They use standard links to repost content to the original post. This is a labor-saving way to extend the reach of your content to channels with a certain audience.

Through these channels, content can also appear in public search engine results. Just make sure to give the original content a chance to be indexed by search engines before republishing.

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Keep your basic content correct

You may already have solid existing content and get a lot of natural impressions, keyword rankings, and clicks, right? Revisit and refresh this content from time to time. Make sure there are no errors and that all links are working.

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Find opportunities to update this content with new information or research, or add links to your own new content that have been posted since the article first went live. Maybe you can get featured clips. You can also keep this content in your social media carousel and continue to build backlinks to it to help you continuously improve your SEO ranking.

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