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"Change" in xafsing strategy links from strategic thinking

Based on the switching of thinking, let's look at how to land. My partner and I divided the implementation system into two levels, one we called the "Digital xxxing Strategy Model and Implementation System" and the other the "Digital xxxing Support System."

In the first system, we specifically discussed how the traditional xafsing strategy "STp + 4p" should be upgraded, such as the product strategy towards co-creation orientation; the price strategy becomes dynamic, contextual, and free; digitalization makes physical channels and The boundaries between virtual channels have disappeared, and multi-channel integration has become the key; brands have emerged with the launch of value brand, RTB, DMp, DSp, etc. If
we look at the three key points of the core paradigm of xafsing strategy: product management, customer management, and brand management as a perspective, we will find that xafsing in the new era, 4ps are moving towards co-creation, STp is moving towards community, and branding is characterizing Highlighting. Specific modules of xafsing strategy:

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Upgrade of xafsing research

From routine surveys to fragmented research, in the era of big data, you can use low-cost survey access costs, and intelligent information processing technologies make low-cost, large-sample quantitative surveys a reality. Information such as opinions can be used to derive the true attitude of consumers. From text observation to behavior tracking, new technologies and popular mobile devices allow companies to further track user behavior data in real time. For example, in commercial retail, real estate, and tourism industries, the use of location data and audio recognition technology can help companies better understand users' Real needs. In addition, the crowdsourcing model has subverted xafs research.

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From traditional xafs research to "pan-data analysis" and the application of neuroxafsing, all are new systematic research methods. For restaurants, you can use the WIFI probe to capture data on customer trajectories as an important means of customer relationship management CRM in the digital age. At the same time, these data can also evaluate the effect of group purchases: Second consumption, we can think that the group purchase activity is not effective.

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